Covid Secure driving lessons

Keeping you safe on your driving lessons

Your instructor will do everything possible to ensure your safety throughout your lesson.

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Covid Secure Driving School

Keeping driving lessons safe

Keeping safe from Covid-19 is our priority. And by taking all of the necessary precautions with your driving lessons there is very little risk


How to keep safe from Covid on driving lessons.

There will be few differences on your driving lessons since the Covid-19 lockdown.These steps have been brought in to keep both our pupils and instructors safe .

At the start of your lesson we will meet outside of the car. Your instructor will park near to your pickup point and wait outside of the vehicle.

You will be asked a couple of questions about any symptoms, you will also be expected to wear a mask, (gloves are optional).

The window will be open during the lesson, thisis because the virus is less likely to transmit in a well ventilated enviroment.

Prior to your lesson the instructor will have thoroughly cleaned the vehicle. This clean will include everything which you may touch during your lesson, from the seat adjustment to the handbrake.


As well as being Covid secure we are also maintaining the same high standards of tuition on all of our lessons. 


The new normal for driving lessons

Now that we are over the worst, the lockdown is over, we need to ensure that we not only protect ourselves from the virus but that we do everything possible to prevent its return. With local lockdowns already in place in some parts of the country we know that it hasnt fully gone away. Life must go on and we know that many of you are keen to get on with your driving lessons, the DVSA Test Centres are open, so for now lets get on with life as normal as we can.


When should I not attend for my driving lesson.

You should NOT attend any driving lesson if any of the following conditions apply to you.

  • You have a temperature
  • You have lost your sense of smell (This is a possible sign of Covid)
  • You have been in close contact with someone who has Covid 19
  • You are feeling unwell
  • You have returned from a country that is on the quarantine list within the last 14 days
  • You have been advised to self isolate
Driving instructor waiting at test centre in the rain

Driving test post Covid 19


There are a few differences with the driving test post covid.

We will no longer be able to wait in the waiting room at the test centre. The examiner will come out and meet us at the car. Your instructor is no longer allowed to come along in the back of the car ( We also can not wait in the test centre we will have to wait outside in the rain ☹) .

If you do anything during the driving test that would result in a fail then you will be directed back to the driving test centre.

Other than that there is not much difference.

Driving lesson PPE

PPE for driving lessons

With all the precautions in place. Theres not much to worry about. So get on your PPE and give us a call to book your first driving lesson.

We have an excellent driving test pass rate, lots of 5 star reviews and we cover most of North Wales, Chester Wirral, Wrexham and Crewe.

We will always strive to provide the best driving lessons and always in a safe enviroment.

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thumb_01_60_60Adam Bond

“Great driving school and an exceptional instructor, massive thanks to Dewi Roberts and will recommend anyone new to Andrew’s”


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Highly recommend Andrew’s Driving school. Very professional, patient instructors with very informative and helpful teaching.


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“Passed my driving test with Marcus! Brilliant driving instructor and driving school, highly recommend 😊”