Automatic driving lessons in Bangor

Automatic lessons in North Wales
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Automatic driving Lessons 

Taking your lessons in an automatic can be a much quicker way obtaining your full licence. If  using gears and clutches are not for you then maybe trying in an automatic will help you. Our automatic lessons are available in Bangor and the North Wales Coast.

Automatic Driving 

Automatic cars have never been as popular as they are now. With the future of cars being electric you can expect to see more and more automatic gearboxes than ever before.

Driving instructor training.

We don’t only do driving lessons. We also offer Ordit approved driving instructor training. If you are considering a career as a driving instructor we can guide you in the right direction.

Take a look our instructor training pages to find out more information on our driving instructor training programs.



Soshe passed first time after automatic driving lessons.


Kathie from Llandudno passed first time.


Amaka passed first time just 2 minors.


Mariana passed first time in Bangor.

Automatic driving lessons help you to pass quickly 

  • Experienced local instructor.
  • Lessons from home school or college.
  •  Discounted offers for new drivers.
  • Free use of our online theory test help.
  • Hourly lessons in the automatic car.
  • Intensive Courses.
  • Fastest way to learn.

Learn to drive in an automatic car, you can have your driving licence sooner without all the struggling with changing gear and clutch control. Our experienced automatic instructor will quickly get you up to driving test standard.

Andrews driving School cars

Lessons will be carried out in a late model car with an automatic gearbox. You will benefit from our years of experience as well as all the expected luxuries such as air conditioning and power steering.

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Learn in an automatic.

Tomas and pupil after driving instructor part 3 test

Recent automatic passes in Bangor

Kathie with her automatic driving test certificate

Kathy Passed in Bangor.

Kathy passed first time after automatic lessons.


Soshe with his new automatic driving licence

Soshe Only 2 minors.

Soshe after his driving test.


Mariana in Bangor with her new automatic licence

Mariana First time pass.

Mariana passed in Bangor.


Hamasha in Llandudno after his automatic driving lessons

Hamasha .

Passed the automatic test in Bangor.