Your First Driving Lesson

What to expect on your first driving lesson

Bring your provisional licence: At the beginning of your first driving lesson your instructor will ask to see your photocard driving licence. Without this it would not be legal for the lesson to go ahead.

Eyesight test: Your driving instructor will then ensure that your eyesight meets the standards required by the driving and vehicle standards agency, this is simply checking that you can read a car number plate from 20.5 metres away. Don’t worry if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses for this.

You will understandably be a little anxious when getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time, but there really is no need to be, your instructor will explain about the dual controls, and how they are there for your safety so do not worry you will begin driving in a quiet area where you will find it easy to get used to the cars controls.

First Driving Lesson

Your instructor will cover all aspects of the cars main controls, you will then move on to moving the car and puling in alongside the kerb, once you have done this a few times and you are comfortable with it you will start to change into second gear.

You will not be asked to do anything in which you don’t feel comfortable doing. Everything will be covered at a pace which you are comfortable with. We will not be taking you to any busy areas or major roads on your first lesson.

By the end of the first driving lesson you should be able to move off in the car and come to a safe stop, obviously it takes a little more practice to be completely confident, however you will be surprised at just how easy it starts to feel.

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