Brand new 2016 model Ford Fiesta Ecoboost, This car is an amazing car to learn to drive in.

As well as being very easy to drive, the new Fiesta is equipped with all the latest features which include climate control, ABS, cruise control, and Fords hill start assist system, which makes hill starts a little easier to master.



Drive in comfort in this plush ford fiesta ecoboost interior

The car features a small but powerful 1.0 engine, which is quiet and fast enough to make joining the dual carriageway a breeze.

The Fiesta has great visiblity and a good turning circle, which helps to make the reversing exercises a little easier,

Ford Fiesta ecoboost bay Parking in a car park

Andrew’s Driving School has 2 of these cars, which are both exactly the same to drive, so there is always a back up car for your driving test should the need arise.