Fully qualified instructor required in Wrexham and Chester

Driving instructor franchise opportunity, The ideal solution for self employed driving instructors. We will provide pupils in your local area, 2 week free trial and only a 4 week tie in period.

Driving Instructor Franchise in Wrexham.

Join our driving instructor franchise in Wrexham we will send you a minimum of 15 hours in the first 2 weeks. Once your diary is full we will then ensure that you stay as busy as you need. All lessons are currently priced at or above the local average price, we do the first 5 lessons for £99, but this offer is for first time drivers only.We can offer driving school franchises in Wrexham with our car or yours, either way we do not sign write the car. All we ask is that you display our roof box during your lessons. Other than a small weekly franchise fee there is no charge for new pupils. We will supply you with a regular stream of pupils which will outweigh what the national driving schools can provide. We look forward to welcoming you into our small family run driving school. We will not charge you for pupil introductions, we will provide you with all of the stationary which you require, as well as our roofbox sign. We look forward to you joining our forward thinking family run business.

2 Week trial

Try us for 2 weeks, no strings, just let us prove ourselves. We are confident that we are good for the work.

Work in a smaller area

Unlike the big national schools, we will try to keep you busy without travelling long distances between lessons.

Online Diary

We will log you onto our booking system, we send you pre booked pupils, not just phone numbers.

Wrexham driving Instructor Franchise enquiry

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Join a forward thinking fast growing driving school. 

Why Choose Andrew’s

take a look at what you get  with our package

  • Pupils first lesson booked in for you.
  • Industry standard lesson prices.
  • Online booking system.
  • Ordit check test training.
  • Try us for 2 weeks no obligation.
  • Low cost weekly franchise.
  • Weekly promotions on website and social media.
  • Guaranteed Pupils in first 2 weeks.
  • You have nothing to lose.

Ordit registered training establishment.

For more details

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Try us out with our no obligation trial .

If after the 2 week trial you are not happy then you can simply walk away, you can even keep the pupils we have given to you.