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ADI Part 3

Driving instructor training part 3

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ADI Part 3

The AdI part 3 test is the final part of the driving instructor qualification process; this is by far the most difficult of all the tests. But although this is by no means an easy test, passing the first two parts of the qualifying process has already proven that you have the skills to do this job, so all that you need to do now is prove that you are able to pass your skills and knowledge on to others.

Your driving instructors test will last for an hour and is split into 2 separate phases known as phase one and phase 2.

Phase 1

This is where the examiner will play the role of a pupil who is in the early stages of learning to drive; He or She will brief you on where they are up to with their driving and ask you to teach them one of the following subjects.

  • Cockpit Drill and Car
  • Moving off and Stopping.
  • Reversing around a left or right corner.
  • Turn the Car around in the road
  • Parallel Parking.
  • Use of Mirrors and emergency stop.
  • Approaching Junctions for Left or Right turns
  • Road positioning and judgement of speed.
  • Emerging from T Junctions.
  • Dealing with pedestrian crossings and using signals.
  • Meeting, crossing, and overtaking vehicles.
  • Dealing with crossroads.

Driving instructor training part 3 phase 2

Phase 2 will cover the same subjects, but the examiner will play the part of a pupil who is at about test standard, or a fully qualified driver who maybe wants to brush up a little on some aspects of their driving such as parking skills.

At the end of the test you will be asked to wait for around 15 minutes before being given the result and if successful you will then be able to apply for your green badge and you will be an approved driving instructor.

You may take up to 3 attempts on this test, and if you fail 3 times then you must wait until 2 years from when you passed your theory test before starting the full qualifying process again, with this in mind make certain that you get the best training and go into the test feeling fully confident in your abilities,


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