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Driving Theory Test

You will need to take an pass the theory test before booking your practical test. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions, to pass the theory part of the test you need to answer 43 questions correctly.

After you have completed the multiple choice questions, you will be asked if you want a few minutes break before moving on to the hazard perception part of the test.

Hazard Perception Test

This is where you will watch a series of CGI video clips and you must identify the hazards.

The hazard perception test consists of 14 short cgi video clips. Thirteen of these clips will contain one scoring hazard and one will contain two scoring hazards.

You need to keep alert while doing this test, as it is important that you time your click correctly.

As the hazards develop a scoring window opens counting down from 5 points through to zero points if you click too late.(you can not see this scoring window) Try not to click to early, as it is possible to click before the scoring window opens, the best way of acheiving a good score is to click twice, firstly when you identify the hazard and again a couple of seconds later just to ensure that you didn’t click before the scoring window opened. Take great care not to click too many times , as the system has built in cheat detection, this is to to prevent constant clicking, although you should still click for every developing hazard.

Once both tests are complete, you can leave your cubicle, collect your belongings from the locker and you will be told the result of the test.
If you have passed then you will be given a pass number which you will need to book your practical driving test.

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Free online theory practice

Use our free online theory test program to practice for your Theory and Hazard perception test. Theory Test Pro can be used on any computer, laptop, or tablet, also there is a free app which can be used on your mobile phone, Click on the banner above to be taken to the sign up page.

Rhyl Theory Test Centre

3 Bodfor Street Rhyl North Wales LL18 1AS

Bangor Theory Test Centre

311 High Street Bangor North Wales Ll57 1YA

Chester Theory Test Centre

1 Corbridge House, The Square, Seller Street,Chester,


You can book a theory test over the phone using the numbers below, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays):

theory test booking line – 0300 200 1122
Welsh language booking line – 0300 200 1133

As well as the theory test you will also be asked a couple of questions on the practical test, these questions and answers can be found here questions asked on the driving test.

Book your theory test here

Follow this link to the theory test booking site. The cost of the theory test is £23. Take care when booking it as there are some unscrupulous websites which charge quite a lot more.

Theory test enquiries

Practice for theory tests online.

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