Driving instructor franchise

The best driving school franchise opportunity

The ideal solution for self employed or employed driving instructors. We will provide pupils in your local area, 2 week free trial and only a 4 week tie in period

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Free Trial Period

Two week free trial Nothing to lose. just 4 weeks notice required after the 2 weeks.

Work close to home

Pupils will be located in your preferred areas, usually within a 5 mile radius.

Get Busy

You can expect to receive 12-18 pupils in the first 2 weeks.

Driving Instructor Franchise.

When you join us with a driving instructor franchise  you can expect to receive up to 15 new pupil introductions in your first 2 weeks, 15 pupils taking 2 hours a week is 30 hours per week, more can be provided for you if required. from there on if you require any further pupils just ask for them and we will provide them.

There are no silly prices, all lessons are priced at a fair hourly rate. We do run a few seasonal promotions for new pupils, all of our instructors are consulted regarding these offers. We are receiving large volumes of calls for driving lessons across most of North Wales, Chester Wirral and Shropshire . We have franchises available either with or without a vehicle, either way we will not ask for the vehicle to be sign written in any way, all we ask is that you display our roof sign during your driving lessons.

No charge for pupil introductions and all stationary will be provided. The volume of pupils which we can supply to you on an ongoing basis will by far exceed the national driving schools. As well as this you will be joining a small family run business with your own interests at heart.

At the moment we have vacancies for driving instructors in all of North Wales, Chester, Wirral and Shrewsbury. If you are in another area then please contact us and we may be able to arrange something.

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Why Choose Andrew’s

take a look at what you get  with our package

  • No Charge for pupil introductions
  • Premium lesson prices.
  • Pre paid Weekly Courses.
  • Free  ordit check test training.
  • 2 week free trial.
  • Fixed low cost weekly fee.
  • No long tie in period.
  • Ongoing promotion through our website and facebook pages.
  • New car replaced every 12 months (minimum term of 6 months with car lease)
  • Free Ordit check test training.

 Stay because you want to stay, not because your tied into a long contract.

Ordit registered training establishment.


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