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Standards Check Test Marking Form and what the examiner is looking for.

What you need about the DVSA Standards Check Test.

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ADI Standards Check Marking Form

ADI Standards Check

The ADI standards check is a test that all driving instructors must take at intervals between two and four years.

The test requires the instructor to turn up at the test centre with a pupil at the appointed time so that the ADI examiner can sit in the back of the car and watch a lesson.

The lesson will be assessed on the instructor’s performance and a grade will be given at the end of the lesson.

An in-depth look at exactly how the test is conducted and marked can be found on the DVSA website ADI 1

Why do we have the standards check?

You may be asking why should I be tested again? After all you have already passed the part 3 test.

The DVSA are just checking that the standards are not slipping.


The reason behind the standards test

It may be that you have a fantastic pass rate and a bulging diary but to the DVSA that does not count for anything.

The Standards Check is all about client-centred learning, which is the way the DVSA requires you to conduct all your lessons.

The test is marked on things like your recap and briefing at the beginning of the lesson, and the level of instruction.

Rather than the instructor telling the learner what to do, you are expected to coach the learner by asking open questions that make the learner think.

You should hand over the responsibility for tasks at the appropriate time and be ready to take the responsibility back if necessary.

To manage all risks and any safety-critical incidents must be addressed.


How is the Standards Check marked & graded ?

The standards check is marked as follows.

There are 3 possible grades

The test has a maximum possible score of 51 you must score at least 31 to pass.

Grade A: A high standard of instruction to obtain a grade A you will need 43 or higher.

Grade B: A satisfactory result. Anything between 31 and 42 will achieve this grade.

FAIL Unsatisfactory. If your marks are 30 or below then this would be deemed as a failure.

How to get a grade A on your standards check

Involve the pupil ask questions rather than tell them to do something.

Share responsibility and know the correct time to hand over responsibilities to the pupil.

Agree a lesson plan with the pupil

Pitch the lesson at the correct level and adjust if necessary. It should be challenging but the pupil should not be out of their depth.

Most Importantly always manage the risk.

For more information on risk management there is a good article about it here.

He-Man Dual controls

He Man Dual Controls

We use these along with many of other driving instructors.

He-Man Dual controls

Driving School Franchise

Working in a franchise is a great way to keep a full diary and not have to worry about finding new pupils.

He-Man Dual controls


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