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Driving instructor training part 3

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ADI part 3 training

The ADI part 3 also known the driving instructors test of instructional ability is the final part of your driving instructor training.

The test will involve you giving a real driving lesson to a pupil with a senior driving examiner from the DVSA in the back of the car watching the lesson and marking your performance as an instructor.

This is the most difficult of the driving instructor qualifying tests, but with the right training it can easily be achieved. It is important that you choose the right training for this test, and you should look for an ORDIT approved trainer.

What does the ADI part 3 test involve


  • Have the pupils learning needs been correctly identified?
  • Are you instructing at the correct level?
  • Are you changing the lesson plan at the appropriate times to suit the pupils needs?
  • Are you minimising any risk?
  • Are your verbal instructions clear?
  • Is the pupil aware of their responsibilities?
  • Do you need to talk through any safety critical incidents?
  • Is the pupil learning ?
  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • Is the route suitable for the pupils needs and ability?
  • Are you giving the correct feedback at the appropriate times?
  • Is your teaching style matched to the pupils needs?
  • Have you answered all of the pupils questions?


ADI part 3 training

How will the training be done

To begin with I will play the role of a pupil and your role will be to teach me to drive, after teaching hundreds of people to drive I am very good at mimicking the faults made by real learners.
To start with I will make it easy but as your training progresses I will gradually make things more difficult for you.
Each fault I make i will explain to you and show you how to fix it. I will help you every step of the way and as well as being able to pass your adi part 3 test you will also be taught how to become a great driving instructor.

Once your training is underway you will start training using real pupils with me sitting in the back for guidance. This is an essential part of your training to prepare for the part 3 test.


ADI Trainee licence

After you have completed 40 hours of ADI part 3 training you may if you wish apply for a trainee licence to instruct.
This will enable you to work with us and have your own paying pupils so that you can earn while you learn.
While you are on the trainee licence we will meet up regularly to discuss your progress and any problems which you may have. I will also sit in on some of your lessons.

Tomas from Colwyn Bay passed ADI part 2

Tomas from Colwyn Bay passed his part 2 and is well on the way with his part 3 driving instructor training.