Driving Instructor Training for Part 2 Test

Test of Driving Ability

The ADI part one is the first step in the driving instructor qualification process.

We will  guide you through each step

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Driving instructor training for Driving Instructor Part 2 Test

The Driving Instructor Part 2 is an assessment of your overall driving ability. Within the test you will be asked to drive for about 60 minutes to a high standard and complete 5 manoeuvres, covering a wide variety of different roads. You must complete the test without getting more than 6 driving faults (minors) and getting no serious or dangerous faults.

What to expect on the test

The test will begin with an eyesight test; this is where you must be able to read a car number plate from 27.5 metres, with glasses or contact lenses if needed. You will be asked 5 straight forward vehicle safety questions which are known as the show me and tell me. An example of these questions is how would you check the tyre pressures on this vehicle?  An incorrect answer will result in a minor fault.


The manoeuvres you will be asked to perform will be

  • Reverse bay park
  • Parallel park to the left
  • Drive forward into a parking bay
  • Pull up on the right hand side of road
  • You will also be asked to follow a sat nav


As well as the manoeuvres you will also be asked to perform an uphill start, emergency stop, an angled start as well as anything else you may encounter. You’ll drive on a variety of roads including in the town, dual carriage way, country and residential.

In the test you’re expected to drive confidently, courteously, have a good understanding of road procedures, superb use of the controls of the car, sound judgement of speed distance and timing, the ability to anticipate what other road users will do and react accordingly, and drive in an environmentally friendly manner, with good planning ahead for upcoming hazards.

This test does only allow 3 attempts but with our training you will have no problem in passing it.


Once you have completed this you then move on to the part 3 which is the final hurdle in becoming an ADI

Driving instructor training in North Wales

The training will be carried out in and around Llandudno and Rhyl in North Wales.

This test is not as difficult as it sounds, and with the right training, and by putting in the effort and practice required you should be looking at passing it on the first attempt.

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Tomas and pupil after driving instructor part 3 test