North Wales Driving Test Route Videos

Videos of North Wales driving test routes

North Wales Driving Test Route Videos

Driving Test Route Videos

Below are some videos of Bangor and some of the places you may be taken to on your driving test. The video is speeded up!

Turn by turn printable directions of the routes can be downloaded on our driving test routes page.

Bangor Driving Test Routes

Here are some videos of the driving test routes which you are likely to be taken on when taking your driving test in Bangor.

The test route videos have been sped up. This so that you may quickly watch them to give you some idea of what the test routes are like.

There are multiple combinations of test routes. It is impossible to know which way you will go on your test. However if you take enough lessons and do enough driving practice to increase your awareness then it should not matter which route you are taken on. The main thing to do is stay focused on the driving. If you take a wrong turn or go the wrong way at a roundabout that’s fine as long as you do it safely.


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Test Route Tips

One of the things not to do on your driving test is to suddenly change direction as this may cause problems. Changing direction at the last minute can be risky for  yourself or other road users. Don’t do anything without thinking and making the relevant safety checks. Just  drive as you would if you were driving by yourself.

You will be asked to pull up on the left in a safe place a few times during the driving test. It is important to note that this exercise is part of the test to check that you know where it is safe to pull up, and that you can do it safely without causing any inconvenience to other road users.

At the moment you will be asked to drive independent for about ten minutes. This is soon to change to twenty minutes when the new test comes in.

You can read about the new test here, Driving Test Changes 2017.

Remember the driving test is your chance to prove that you have the ability and common sense to drive by yourself.

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Bangor & Rhyl Driving Test Route Videos