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Become a Driving Instructor

Driving instructor training course

You can become a driving instructor in as little as 6 months, with our pay as you go driving instructor training. DVSA Ordit registered training so you are assured of the very best DVSA approved driving instructor training. 

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Just 3 steps to becoming a driving instructor

Driving Instructor Theory test training link

Part 1 Theory

We provide everthing you need for the  theory test free of charge.

Driving Instructor Theory test training link

Part 2 driving ability

The ADI part 2 test is where you demonstrate your driving ability..

Driving Instructor Theory test training link

Part 3 teaching ability

What is involved in the final part 3 driving instructor test.

How to become a driving instructor

To become a driving instructor you will need to take and pass all 3 of the driving instructor qualification tests. This is not an easy task. However with the right training and all the help and support that we will give to you. I assure you it is very achievable. From taking the first test you have a maximum of 2 years to complete all 3 tests. Furthermore it is very possible to complete all 3 tests in 6 months. More comonly for most people the average time taken is between 7 and 12 months. Your training is usually done around your existing work commitments. What’s more after passing the first 2 tests you have the opportunity of working and earning money on a trainee licence. Making use of this licence also helps you to prepare for the part 3 test. We are one of North Wales only Ordit registered trainers. This means when you train with us you can be assured that you are being trained correctly for the driving instructor tests.

Why Become a driving instructor ?

What are the benefits ?

  • Be your own boss. Being your own boss gives you the Ability to give yourself a great work life balance.
  • Fit your work in around your life.
  • Choose when to take time off.
  • Great job satisfaction – helping people work through the challenging yet satisfying process of learning to drive.
  • Competitive earning – with earning up to 0ver £45,000 easily achievable.
  • Always having a new fully serviced car ( roof sign can be removed for personal use)
  • Meet lots of new people everyday.
  • Many opportunities for further qualifications, such as fleet training, trailer training and ADI training.

What Requirements are there to become a driving instructor.


 You must be at least 21 years of age.

 Have held a full UK licence for a minimum of 3 years.

 Have less than 6 points on your licence.

Pass a DBS check every 4 years.

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Further Information

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Genuine free advice without obligation  

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Our Ordit instructor trainer will call you to discuss your options and if you decide its for you we could arrange a meeting where we can discuss your options in more detail.

Tomas and pupil after driving instructor part 3 test

How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?

It may not be as expensive as you expect.  If you want to take advantage of a trainee licence then it is compulsory that you take 40 hours training for the part 3 test. This cost can be offset with the trainee licence as you will have your own paying customers.  You may have heard some of the horror stories about some of the national driving schools.

Here at Andrew’s Driving School it is in our interest to train you to a high standard.  With this in mind we want you pass all 3 parts of the tests. This is because we want you to be one of our franchised instructors.

Our most popular training package is the full 55 hour course. This course is currently being offered at a discounted price.

The training we provide is on a pay as you go basis. This way you only need to take as much or as little as you need. Currently our hourly rate for driving instructor training is £50 per hour.

Example costs of becoming a driving instructor.


Part 1  training

Will will provide all the required training materials free  of charge to you when you register with us.

Part 2 training.

This takes an average of 15 hours in car training @ £50 per hour = £750

Part 3 training.

Part 3 training will be a minimum of 40 hours in car driving.

instructor training

@ £50 per hour  = £2000

Total training cost = £2,750

If you take your training on a pay as you go  basis you will only be paying for the training which you need.

You only have 3 attempts at the part 2 and 3 tests so it is essential that you choose a suitable trainer, choosing an Ordit registered trainer is the best way to do this.

Cost to become a driving instructor and get this green badge.

Your Options once you qualify

It is important to us that you receive the very best driving instructor training. Hence we conduct all of our own training. Our trainer not only wants you to pass the driving instructor tests but wants you to be a successful driving instructor that pupils want to learn to drive with.

After you qualify it is your choice what you do , you may either set up on your own or join a franchise, Our aim that you join our franchise. In which we are confident that we provide the best driving school franchise in the UK. This is down to the reputation which we have built by having the best instructors. Above all,  with our driving school being so popular our instructors need not travel too far between lessons. Meaning more income for the instructor.

In addition with our franchise there is only a 4 week notice period required. With this in mind if you decide it’s not for you then there is only a 4 week notice period required.  In contrast to some of the big national driving schools . These schools require a minimum of 12 months notice, and also they are charging around £200 per week. A much as 12 months notice at that cost is a considerable amount of money.

Our franchise is less than half of that, and with a short notice period it is up to us to keep you happy and give you the amount of work which you require.

Further Information

For more information our instructor trainer would be more than happy to meet up with you for a coffee and a chat. He will explain all about the training and the job. Then will also explain your options for a trainee licence.  This is so that you can begin teaching pupils for money prior to passing your final exam. We will also explain the registration process, answer any questions you may have and guide you through the application forms. Click here to arrange free no obligation a meeting with our instructor trainer.



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