Driving test photos in North Wales

Here are all of our latest passes and driving test photos.



James Mercer (Passed first time)

Bailey Jones (Passed first time)

Ellie Little 

Alex Lee (First time with Andrew’s)

Cameron West (Passed first time)

Curtis Cooper

Aidan Cleverly (First time pass)

Alex Baldwin

Luke McCarthy (First time pass)

Samuel Roberts (First time pass)

Aaron Hoyle (First time with Andrew’s)

Connor Woods

Kim Munslow

Gareth Roberts (Passed first time)

David (passed first time)

Callum Tierney (passed first time)

Justin Jones (passed first time)

Heather Northall (passed first time)

Molly Flaherty

Laurence Pickering (passed first time)

Anthony Mangham (passed first time)

James Gallagher (Passed first time)

Jake Colville

Nicola Chen

Emma Foster

Abby Roberts

 Brooke Russell (Passed first time)

Callum Wiltshire


Dion Packham

Caitlin Hughes

Georgia Simpson

Margo (Passed first time)

Robert Wallace

Rachel Krutul

Xander Williams

Dane Briscoe (passed first time)

Anne Stephenson (Passed first time)


Joel Evans (passed first time)

Mathew Bullimore

Ben Subkovas (Passed first time)

Blaine Tang

Tom Metcalf (First time pass)

Thane Alldis.

Rhodri Lloyd (Passed first time)

Gruff Thomas (passed first time)

Sion Glyn Jones (Passed first time)

Liam Rowles

Kieron Jenkins

Bethan Davies

Ryan Bodiss (Passed first time)

Josh Hargreaves (Passed first time)

Ellie Revitt

Alysia Tolley ( Passed first time)

Holly Morrisey

Robert Harley Lloyd-Jones

Mia Russell (Passed first time)

James Fraser-latimer 

Grace Jordan (Passed first time)

Fletcher Slater (Passed first time)

Cyd McCarthy (Passed first time)

Mollie Davies (Passed first time)

Mike Hewitt


Macey Jones 

Finlay Coombes

Daniel Benn (Passed first time)

Ash Hunt

Emily Perkins

Nathan Yates (One Minor)

Alex (Upton Test Centre)

Emily (Passed first time)

Phoebe Taylor (Passed first time)

Rebecca Barnes (Passed first time)

Neil Crawford (Passed first time with Andrew’s)

Ash (Passed first time)

Jenny Stafford (First time pass)

Owen Hughes

Liam Rapson

Toby Simpson


Laura Smith

Michael Lucas

Kieran Bold

Kieran Talbot (Passed first time)

Alys Hughes

Sasi Williams

Rachel Lee Jones (First time with Andrew’s)

 George Knell (First time pass)

Fayez Majthoub

Harry Davies

Dylan Jones

Dylan Taylor (Passed first time)

Cerys Jones

Keating Hoe-Pike (First time pass)


Nia Williams ( First time pass)

Harry Richardson

Ahmad Ali ( Passed first time)


Olivia Harrington

Tim Edwards ( First time pass no minors)


Abbie Parry

Jack Leach(First time Pass)

Olivia Jackson

Charlotte Ryan

Anna Matveeva (First time Pass)


Corey (First time pass)

Elen Griffiths (First time pas)

Seren Rogers 

Steve Davies

Brendan Lundstram (Passed first time)

Stephanie Jones

Nia Farniss

Rhys Bailey

Kirk  Brogan ( First time pass)


Cai (Passed first time)

Harry Hankin

Shaun Lee Cox

Amy Parry (Passed first time)

Alicia Edwards


Rachel Lawlor

Sarah Abushawareb (First time pass)

Jessica Williams

Hope Hover

Olly Westoby

Holy Lands

Nathan Hackworth (First Time Pass)

Henry Holden First time pass)

Evan Williams (First time Pass


Brad Vicars Harris (First time Pass)


Bailey Loynd (First time pass)

Aaron Daniels(First time pass)

Oliver Pitman

Mia Price

Brooke Williams (Passed first time)

Morgan Moyes-Reynolds

Sophie Richards (Passed first time)

Georgia Smith (Passed first time)

Dylan Davies

Ian Carruthers

Victoria Eccles

Lauren (Passed first time)

Mathew Davies

Maddie Lancaster (Passed first time)

Rea Cowhig

James Mcintosh (Passed first time)

Megan Williams (First time pass)

Jack Glynn (First time pass)

Aimee (First time Pass)

Harri Mcbreeze (First time pass)

Connor Ellis

Lara ware (First time pass)

Romie Jay Calves (First time pass)

Robyn Loynd (First time pass)

Georgia Richards ( Passed first time)

Niamh Drury ( Passed first time)

Francesca Pitton ( Passed first time)

Joe McGee

Richard Boulton

Mike Pearson (First time pass)

Lauryn Ashe (First time pass)

Lewis Mitchell (First time Pass)

Kian Holliday (First time pass)

Daniel (Passed first time)

Alex Parker (First time pass)

Maggie Hopwood (First time pass)

Lauren Richardson (First time pass)

Olivia Clarke (First time pass)

Maisie Jones 

Bradley Hughes ( Passed first time with Andrew’s)

Kaleem Ahmed

Luke Bowen ( Passed first time)

Jonathan Parry (Passed first time)

Remi Williams

Cameron Stringfellow

Danice Dela Cruz

Caitlin Jones


Laura Williams (First Time Pass)

Nicholas Young

Harry Bennett ( First Time pass)

Cassandra Kenworthy ( First time Pass)

Amaya (First time with Andrew’s)

Lucy Williams (First time pass

Lewis ( First time pass)

Rhian Porter (First time pass)


James Andrews  (Passed first time)

Jason Lyon (Passed first time)

Caitlin Walker

Josh Lovatt (Passed first time)

Amber Stevenson

Oliver Furber

Asha Hall

 Isabel Sweeney ( Passed first time)

Dr Taha Haroon Rasul ( Passed first time)

Hayley Kirkham ( Passed first time)

Finley Cross ( Passed first time)

Edward Warner ( Passed first time)

Katie Scamans

Karri Williams ( Passed First Time)

Adam Hughes

Lourdes Jones (Passed First Time)

Dafydd Thomas (Passed First Time)

Layla Richards

Shaun Bee (First time Pass)

Kara Michael

Nia Hughes ( First time pass)

Fflur Lloyd Jones ( First time pass)

Spencer Ward (First time Pass)

Tom Roberts (First time Pass)

Luke Rowlands  (First time Pass)

Alex Dallimore  (First time Pass)

Sasha Jones

Amelia Sheridan  (First time Pass)

Luke Sampson

Daniel Taylor  (First time Pass)

Connor Schofield  (First time Pass)

John Paul Whelan

Sian Jones

Mared Williams

Liam Burrows Selby

Phoebe Evans (First time Pass)

Jaren Jade Haston (First time Pass)

Jake Kivell

Annie Faux (First time pass)

Adam Wilson

Luke Roberts

Sophie Mcintosh

Sean Forrest

Rebecca Dakeyne

Cameron Warhurst

Stephen Emtage


Bethan O’Hare (First time Pass

Bradlee Rowlands (First time Pass)

Brayden Harding (First time with Andrew’s)

Harri Griffith (First time pass)

Ffion Owen

India Jade Hughes

Glen Pearce

Katie Rowlands (First time Pass)

Craig Jones (First time pass)

William Edwards (First time pass)

Carly Hardwick (First time Pass)

Gracie Noakes (First time Pass)

Leighton  (First time with Andrew’s)

Lennon Hughes (First time Pass)

Liam Barr

Will Ward (First time pass)

James Hennessy

Lewis Watson-Jones

Kurtis Ockenden-White

Simon Kruse

Daniel Roberts

Tom Henry (First time pass)

Jack Ranshaw

Stifyn davies ( First time with Andrew’s)

Jade Colman

Tegan Hirst (First time pass)

Lance Haldane

Idris Williams (First time pass)

Hannah Angell

Stuart Williams

Ethan Jones (First time Pass)

Johnny Harris

Emily Johnson (First time with Andrew’s)

Regan Walker-Jones

James Corr

Courtney Ware

Martin Loynd (First time Pass)


Liam Rumbles (First time pass)

Tilly Davies (First Time Pass)

Katie Bevan ( First Time Pass)

Cameron Lee (first time no minors)

Nathan Kelly (First time pass)

Bronwen Richardson

Daniel Tidswell

Simon Williams

Daniel Hughes

Aidan Kelly

Benjamin Warr Jones (First time Pass)

Nicholas Whittaker

Robert Wilkinson




Rhiannon Marshall

Cole Rich ( First time pass)

Ash Switzer ( First time pass)

Alanah Egan

Ryan Jones

Leighton Corlett (First time pass)

Kieran Butler (First time pass)

Lorenzo Cutts


Rose Harper (First time pass)

Liam Jones

Tom Talbot

Shelby Wallis

Luke Jones

Charlie Cruickshank

Hayley Richardson ( First time pass with Andrew’s)

Tom Smith

Molly Doyle

Amy Gelespie

Zara Mickaela Williams (first time pass)

John (first time pass)


William Howard (first time pass)

Dani Holland

Sian Teleri Jones  (first time pass)

Owen Huffen  (first time pass)

Kylia Hughes (first time pass)

Michael (first time pass)

Gail Taylor



Alisha (first time pass)

Chloe Ellis

Harry Barlow Edwards

Megan Williams

Leanne Evans

Cameron Short


Simon Element

Rachel Rees Jones ( First time pass)


Michael Tidmarsh  (First time pass)

Claire Reilly (First time pass)

Catherine Pearson (First time pass)

Ash Parry (First time pass)

Elinor Davies

Christian Hughes

Angelica Solomon (First time with Andrew’s)

Sarah Nichols

Hannah Kearney (First time pass)

Wesley Roberts (First time pass)

Nathan Davies (First time pass)

John Byrne

Lee Jones (First time pass)

Nicha Jones

Rebecca Ann Caton

Tara Davies

Kieran Thomas

Adam Mcgoona (First time pass)

Hannah Hughes (First time pass)

Chloe Woodcock

Aled Samuel (First time pass)

James Lehart (First time with Andrew’s)

Carol Jones

Katie Coates (First time pass)

Callum Aldersey-Williams

Hannah Cheshire (First time Pass)

Chloe Anne Pritchard (First time Pass)

Laura Jones

Aziz (First time Pass)

Emily Price (First time Pass)

Danny Copeland (First time pass with Andrew’s)

Liam Geraghty

Max Little (First time pass)

Cambell Williams

Craig Kelly

Matthew Tooze

Kaya Gleeson

Lauren Holmes (First Time Pass)

Ryan Hexley (First Time Pass)

Aaron Mcintyre

Benjamin Durber

Erin Cross

Ebony Morris

Jack Nichols (Passed first time)

James Flynn (First time pass)

Dave Hughes (First time pass)

Ben Shacklady (no minors)

Brandon Roberts (First time Pass)

Michaela Stephenson

Kirstie Leigh Jordan (First time Pass)

Siobhan Roberts (First time pass)

Harry Benjamin (First time pass)

Zoe Evans

Liam Owen (First Time Pass)

Shannon Evans

Chanelle Tynan (First time pass)

Rowan Simpson (First time pass)

Abdullah Hussain

Steve White

Daniel Owen (Passed First Time)

Rachel Roberts

Joe James

Mathew Turley (First Time Pass)

Ryan Pope (First time pass)

Lucia Harris (First time pass)

Ryan Damms ( First time pass)

Alice Phillips (First time pass with Andrew’s Driving School)

Mike Hughes

Abbie McCarthy

Mark Crawley  (First time pass)

Tom Morgan

Lewis Williams (First time Pass)

Glen Briscoe (First time pass)

Sean (First time pass)

Chasey Mcivver

Angharad Jones Young (First time pass)

Arthur Woodcock

Aled Hughes

George Mayne ( First time pass)

Gabby Williams ( First time pass)

Lara Williams

Zoe Bell Hughes ( First time pass)

Kieran Russell ( First time pass)

Emily Rodgigues

Mark Davies

Daniel Smith (First Time Pass)

Henry Rocca

Harriet Abbot (First Time Pass)

Markus Marti-Jones (First Time Pass)

Alice Owen

Emily Vosper (First time pass)

Ceri Jones

Jade Jones (No Minors)
Becca Mcarthy
Chelsea Moody (First time pass with Andrew’s)
Shaun Hudson

Steve Penrose

Beth Adams (First time Pass)

Josh Pownall

Lindsey Hughes

Kieran Westell ( First time Pass)

Ben Thomas

Ella Owens

Latifa Avenell (First time Pass)
Courtney Spinks
Chelsea Jones

Jasmine Leach

Shannon Frangos (First time pass)

Tracy Dimery (First Time Pass)

Phil Evans (First Time Pass)

James Jones (First time Pass)

Rhys Williams (First Time Pass)

Beckie Bold (First Time Pass)

Mike Whitaker

Caitlin Ellis (First time pass)

Chris Jones (first time pass)

Lauren Krol (first time pass)

Brady O’Rourke

Mike Tasker (First Time Pass)

Shannon Deacon

Matt Dickenson (First time pass no minors)

Bryan Mantle (First time Pass)

Jordan Langley

Brad Tustin

Mark Deacon (First Time Pass)

Keira D’Angelo

Ieuan Jones

Ben Jones

Kyle Owen ( First Time Pass)

Daniel Rees Jones ( No minors)

Lilly Cawthray

Billy Gleadall (First time pass no Minors)

Cameron Pritchard (First Time Pass)

Josh Hunt

Kelly Roberts

Daniel Hayden

Susan Bassett (First time pass with Andrew’s)

Ifan Edwards (First Time Pass)

Tom Williams (First Time Pass)


Harry Davies (First Time Pass)

Harry Hansen (First Time Pass)

Ela Piechocka

Athena Antoniou (First Time Pass)

Marc Jones

Julie Hughes

Grady Walding (First time Pass)

Darren Pearce

Leah Hughes

Lindsay Wiseman

Jack Gardian

Morgan Mclinden

Llinos Packham

Dave Parry (First time Pass)

  • Megan Roberts (First time Pass)
  • Andrea Damms
  • Dan Jones (First Time Pass)
  • Liam Taylor (First time pass)
  • Bethan Thomas
  • Dwaine Moss (First Time Pass)
  • Rachel Morrison (First Time Pass)
  • Lydia Ryan (First Time Pass)
  • Michael Kerrigan
  • Becky Moody
  • Jake Jones
  • Ben Round
  • Zoe Jones
  • Bethan Jones (First time pass)
  • Mike Royle
  • Vicky Harvey(First time Pass)
  • Alex Jones
  • Callum Saunderson
  • Katie Fitton Davies
  • Sion Buckley (First Time Pass)
  • Mark Thompson (First time Pass)
  • Lois Thomas (First time Pass)
  • Shane Sherratt
  • Becky Williams
  • Joe Benton
  • Alyshea Duff
  • Jordan Macyntire(First time pass)
  • Ben Seas
  • Adam Jones
  • Ben Smith (First Time Pass)
  • Eddie Jones (First time pass)
  • Kim Williams (First time pass)
  • Frankie
  • Georgina Jones
  • Annie Pickering
  • Luke Owen
  • Ciara Barret Smith (First time pass)
  • Sion Owen (First time pass)
  • Beth Peters (First time pass)
  • Joe Roberts
  • Steven Peters (First time pass)
  • Holly Williams
  • Harry Mysangyi (First time pass)
  • Tom Street (First time Pass)
  • Jamie Clark (First time pass)
  • Jake Foreman
  • Liam Mckevitt
  • Hugh Griffith(First Time Pass)
  • Sam Davis
  • Kelsey Davies (First Time Pass)
  • Vicci Maund
  • Lewis Edwards (First Time Pass)
  • Gwen Davies (First Time Pass)
  • Jack Owen (First Time Pass)
  • Lauren Jones
  • Rachel Davies (First Time pass)
  • Holly Gladwysh
  • Kelly Tindall (First time Pass)
  • Connor Switzer
  • Jess Dawson
  • Bethan Munslow
  • Dave Hughes(First Time Pass)
  • Gareth Moreton(First Time Pass)
  • Neil Picton
  • Phil Lewis
  • Chris Alymer(First time Pass)
  • Dave Hobson
  • Mark Jones ( First Time Pass)
  • Sam Beards First Time Pass)
  • Rory Hughes (First Time Pass)
  • Macauley Beacall (First Time Pass)
  • Ellie White
  • Phil Roberts (First time Pass)
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Ryan Williams (First Time Pass)
  • Tamara Astle (First Time Pass)
  • Lewis Taylor (First Time Pass)
  • Luke Hughes
  • Dan Cunningham
  • Tom Taylor (First Time Pass)
  • Danielle Eccles (First Time Pass)
  • Liam Deacon ( First Time Pass)
  • Jordan Sidwells(First time pass)
  • Bethan Williams
  • Joe Bailey (First time pass)
  • Ed Roberts
  • Jasmin Mellor (First Time Pass)
  • Hannah Lynton (First Time Pass)
  • Gareth Starkey ( First time pass)
  • David Mellor (First Time Pass)
  • Tim Lea (First time pass)
  • Davit Shahanyn
  • Andrew Williams
  • Pete Davis(First Time Pass)
  • Lori Jones (First Time Pass)
  • Sophia Creamer
  • Emma Thomas
  • Chloe Smith (First Time Pass)
  • Kyle Roberts (First time pass)
  • Ross Stevens
  • Alex Gough
  • Josh Maguire
  • Murat Baser
  • Tina Traynor (First Time Pass)
  • Carrie Viney (First Time Pass)
  • Tom Hensey
  • Jennie Witherington
  • Alison Dawson
  • Matt Jones (First Time Pass)
  • Adam Johnson (First Time Pass)
  • Paul Williams
  • Sam Buckley(First Time Pass)
  • Alasdair Atkins
  • Matt Gilbert (First Time Pass)
  • Rebecca Turley
  • Jess Smith(First Time Pass)
  • Tim Cunningham (First time Pass)
  • Tod Davies
  • Sammi Baker
  • Hannah Kelly
  • Jon Houston (First Time Pass)
  • Matt Neale (First Time Pass)
  • Chris Hughes (First Time Pass)
  • Steph Davies
  • Sam Watson
  • Jean Kirkbride
  • Ceri Roberts
  • Dave Davies
  • Evan Griffith
  • Jessica Ramsden (First time Pass
  • Lisa Sawrey (First Time Pass)
  • Emma Foskett
  • Robert Woodward (First Time)
  • Beth Carrabine
  • Steph Elmer (First Time Pass)
  • Cameron D’angelo (First time pass)
  • Taylor Bowe
  • Lindsey Roberts (First Time Pass)
  • Peter Watson(First Time Pass)
  • Nichola Crocker
  • Jordan Edwards
  • Chloe Mitchell (First time pass)
  • Samora Hughes (passed first time)
  • Sarah Lee ( First Time Pass)
  • Ryan Neal
  • Shane Gower
  • Mark Barker
  • Dominik Spirydowicz
  • Jamie Kendall (passed first time)
  • Emma Parry (passed first time)
  • Joel Crane(passed first time)
  • Stephen Roberts (first time pass)
  • Amie Walters (first time pass)
  • Sophie Cassidy
  • Dave Cripps
  • Katie Miller Smith
  • Mika Jenson
  • Sam Pomeroy
  • Josh Lau
  • Lewis Jones
  • Jake Sutton
  • Jake Shenton
  • Sian Thomas (First Time Pass)
  • Georgia Smith (First Time Pass)
  • Emily Smith (First Time Pass)
  • Evan Lau (First Time Pass)
  • Dave Cripps
  • Bradley Gould (First Time Pass)
  • Aaron Burroughs
  • Steve Thomas (First Time Pass)
  • Charlotte Jones (First Time Pass)
  • Emma Jones (First Time Pass)
  • Maggie Williams (First Time Pass)
  • Luke Kirkbride
  • Kevin Chen
  • Daisy
  • Steph Jones
  • Katie Edwards
  • James Mason
  • Rachel Evans
  • Kirsty Wilde
  • Abbie Davies
  • Daniel Dart (First Time Pass)
  • Daniel Middlehurst
  • Tom Bleasedale
  • Jamie Williams (First Time Pass)
  • Sam Sutton (First Time Pass)
  • Monica Conville
  • Daniel Mercer
  • Felicity Panter(First Time Pass)
  • Marcus Astle (First Time Pass)
  • Eleanor O Dell (First Time Pass)
  • Connor Langley (First Time Pass)
  • Chris Smyth
  • Hayden Griffiths
  • Bev Cash
  • Jordan Naylor (First Time Pass)
  • Pam Hughes (First Time Pass)
  • Katerina
  • Louise Walker (First Time Pass)
  • Luke Tidswell
  • Tron Marshall
  • Steph Jones (First Time Pass)
  • Sami May
  • Jack Carpenter (First Time Pass)
  • Ceri Mckevit (First Time Pass)
  • Sophie Cocking (First Time Pass)
  • Sam Beaumont
  • Peter Burke
  • Sean Davies
  • Monim Riaz (First Time Pass)
  • Craig Middlehurst (First Time Pass)
  • Tom Johnson
  • Dom Nickson
  • Jennie Webster
  • Carl Mcarthur (First Time Pass)
  • Faye Parry (First Time Pass)
  • Ashley Beacall (First Time Pass)
  • Leighton James (First Time Pass)
  • Sophie Wiltshire (First Time Pass)
  • Laura Cocking
  • Ross Hughes