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What to Expect On Your First Driving Lesson

The day of your first driving lesson has finally arrived. You have been looking forward to this day for a while. Now its here you may find that you are becoming a little nervous.


Be Prepared

Make sure that you have your provisional driving licence your instructor will need to see it at the start of the first lesson.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses then take them along too.

Wear sensible footwear, remember you will be operating the cars pedals.


Driving Footwear using the brake pedal on first driving lesson

Your driving instructor arrives for your first driving lesson

You should get in the passenger side of the car to begin with. Your new driving instructor will introduce him/her self and drive to a quiet area. This is where you will be changing sides and getting behind the wheel. There’s no reason to panic you wont be going anywhere just yet. Eyesight test: Your driving instructor will then ensure that your eyesight meets the standards required by the driving and vehicle standards agency. This is simply checking that you can read a car number plate from 20.5 metres away. Don’t worry if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses for this.

Driving instructor arrives for first lesson

Car controls and cockpit drill

Your instructor will explain how to set up your seat and mirrors, and give you a quick explanation of the main car controls. He/She will explain the basics such as the brakes, clutch indicators and gears. It may seem like a lot to remember but don’t worry about this as you will learn it through repetition.

Controls being explained on a first driving lesson

Moving the car for the first time

After the controls have been explained your instructor will explain how to move off and bring the car to a safe stop.

Moving off and stopping will involve

Finding the clutch biting point.

Checking your mirrors and blindspot.

Stopping the car using the footbrake and clutch

Securing the car with the handbrake.

Enjoy your lessons

Your lessons should always be enjoyable it is a proven fact that learning takes place much quicker in a happy enviroment. Your instructor will encourage you to progress, but you should never feel under pressure to do anything. It is your lesson and it is you that dictates the pace.

Your first driving lesson checklist

The things you should do

Provisional licence you need this on your first driving lesson as your lesson will not go ahead without it.

Correct shoes  You will need to feel what you are doing with the pedals, so no thick soles , obviously high heels and flip flops are also unsuitable.

Questions No doubt you will have lots of questions, ask them that is what your driving instructor is there for.

Relax don’t worry about making a few mistakes, your instructor will be expecting this and its all part of the learning process.

The things you should not do

Panic you have no reason to panic or feel stressed, no decent instructor would let you get into a situation that you can not handle, and if something does go wrong you should feel safe in the knowledge that your instructor has dual controls.

Rush Take your time and listen to your instructor, if you don’t get it right first time just relax and try it again, it will soon become easy to you.

Be tired Make sure you are not too tired for your first driving lesson, its much easier to learn and take things in when you are feeling alert.

All this will also be explained step by step as you do it. Most instructors will have dual controls so if anything drastic happens your instructor can always take over.

The end of your first driving lesson

At the end of your first driving lesson, usually your instructor will drive you home. You will then have a short chat about the lesson and discuss the plan for the next lesson.

Don’t worry if you feel that you cant remember everything. This is quite normal and you will find it becomes easier after a few hours of lessons. Remember as well that everybody who drives started where you are right now.

After your first lesson you should be looking forward to the next one. In the meantime you should practice your driving theory. Listed below are a few books which you could read or you could use our theory test pro program to test your knowledge.