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What makes the best first car?

A look at your options for buying your first car,

Its an exciting time buying your first car, but it is somthing which you need to spend a bit of time getting the right one.

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New or used whats the best first car option.

Read our guide for some sound advice on buying your best first car.

Buying a New Car the pros and cons

your options for getting the best first car


Warranty, this is the main pro of buying a brand-new car. While one year is the absolute minimum, many car manufacturers such as Hyundai offering a full five-year warranty, while Ford and Vauxhall offer a three-year warranty. As well as a warranty, many manufacturers also offer free breakdown cover, which could save you up to £200 a year.
You would expect a brand-new car to be reliable, and they mostly are. Also, all the wearing parts such as tyres, brake pads, windscreen wipers and bulbs will be new, so it should be a while before you need to spend on replacement parts.
Latest Model and Gadgets
The latest technology will be available such as built in sat nav, parking sensors, hill start assist as well as a choice of the latest highly economical engines.


The best first car for you should have a good safety rating.

Newer cars are becoming safer by the day, with all the safety features such as multiple airbags and crumple zones.
New cars safety ratings are measured on the Euro NCAP scale. A rating from 1 to 5 stars will be given, as the cars are put through a series of stringent safety checks.
These safety tests have also become more stringent in recent years so a car that may have achieved a 5-star rating 8 years ago, might not get the same rating today.
Fuel Economy
Fuel Economy is a great plus with a new car, all car manufacturers are competing heavily to produce the most fuel-efficient cars. The new Ford Fiesta eco boost has a 3 cylinder 1 litre engine, but produces more power than the 1.6 model of the same car a decade ago.

Low Cash outlay

Many dealers are offering no deposit finance deals, so you could pick up the keys to your first car without spending a lump sum. You should make sure that you can afford to repay the finance.
Finance Deals for new cars
There are many finance options available to you PCP (personal contract plans) are the most popular, that is where you lease the car for a set period, and at the end of the term you may either pay a lump sum to purchase the car or hand it back and exchange for a new model.
Free Insurance
A few manufacturers offer free insurance to entice you into their offers, this can drastically lower your car running costs, There are however often age restrictions on this offer, and Seat’s free insurance offer to anyone over 18.
Peugeots “Just add fuel” offer is available to anyone over 18, as well as insurance this offer also includes all your routine servicing.
It’s also worth looking at Marmalade, they are a specialist insurer for young drivers. They have a scheme called Fuel and Go. You can have a Fiat 500 for 181.00 per month the insurance is free for the first year. However, it is a four-year plan so you will need to pay for your insurance afterwards. As this plan is offered by the insurer not the manufacturer you will be able to choose from over 10 different makes of car. This offer is also available to 17 year olds, but your parents must sign for the finance.



A new cars value will depreciate rapidly in the first 12 months, on average you could expect your brand-new car to depreciate by 40 per cent over the first 3 years, that’s £5000.
Expensive however the finance deals are dressed up, you are going to be paying for the privilege of being the first owner of a car.
Apart from the above there really isn’t too much of a downside to buying new, although you should make sure that you will be able to keep up payments over the term.


Buying a Used Car Pros and Cons and  Finding your best first car

No warranty, even from a dealer any warranty is usually very limited, private sales and auctions will usually not offer any warranty.
Even a used car can be a major financial commitment, and there is always the chance that you could be buying a troublesome car.
Your used car may not have some of the safety features or technology of the new model.
The overall cost of the car will be significantly less, as the depreciation has already happened.
You will be paying outright for the car, so no monthly payments.
More cars to choose from, and with many cars advertised online there is no shortage of choice.
Less depreciation as this has already happened, although you will still encounter some depreciation.

The choices of used cars are unlimited, there are now so many places to buy them, Private sales  of used cars advertised on sites such as Autotrader, can save you lots of money, although it is wise to have the vehicle checked over by a competent mechanic.

Also there are many used car dealerships many of which will offer services such  a short warranty, and finance deals.



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