Choosing a Driving Instructor

With over 47000 driving instructors in the UK how do you choose the right one? With so many to choose from it is worth your time in doing a little research before booking your first lesson.

How many lessons will I need.

While the amount of lessons required from person to person varies considerably, the average number of lessons to pass the practical driving test is 44 as well as 22 hours of private practice, these are the figures quoted by the Driver and vehicle standards agency, it is vitally important that you choose the right driving instructor for you. A good driving instructor will keep a record of your progress to help you learn all the skills required in the shortest time. Here at Andrew’s Driving School we have had pupils who have passed the test after as few as 12 lessons and without any private practice, but others will need the full 44 hours and maybe more, however after your first couple of hours a good instructor should be able to give you an indication of how many hours will be needed.

What should I  expect from my instructor

As well as being able to pass on their knowledge, your instructor should be friendly patient and make you feel at ease on your lessons, he or she should also be punctual and turn up for your lessons on time.


A young man happy on his driving lesson

A good driving instructor should tick all of the boxes

You should expect one to one training

It is common for some instructors to use a system known as piggy backing, where at the end of your lesson you will be collecting your instructors next pupil, this can be off-putting for some, also you will lose a few minutes of your lesson both at the beginning and the end, this is usually used by some of the cheaper priced instructors to keep their running costs low. Best advice here is to ask when booking if the training will be one to one.

Fair Prices

The prices of lessons vary widely but it would be a false economy to go with a cheaper instructor if it is going to take more hours to learn to drive.  40 hours at £24 per hour works out more expensive than 30 hours at £30 per hour. Another way to get more for your lessons is to take 2 hour lessons.


Ask friends for recommendations, look on Facebook for instructors which are consistently posting passes, Read instructors reviews on Facebook etc. A few good testimonials from others are worth far more than some of the silly offers I see around.

Enjoy your lessons

And finally the two most important factors in choosing a driving instructor are that you progress to become a safe and competent driver, and that you enjoy your lessons.

Pass your test

 Ultimately the object of taking your driving lessons is because you want to pass your driving test and enjoy the freedom that brings.

All of the above points are true, but the most important factor is choosing a driving instructor who you can easily get along with. You will be spending around 40 hours with this person so choose someone that you like.


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