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Ford Focus tdci 1.5 diesel labelled for show me tell me questions


Ford Focus 1.5 tdci diesel engine clearly labelled for the show me tell me questions which are asked on the driving test



Ford Focus diesel engine

You will be asked 2 questions which may include the following items

You may be asked to Identify either the brake fluid reservoir, the engine coolant tank, the engine oil dipstick or the screenwash bottle.

Brake Fluid Level

Ford Fiesta Brake Fluid Container in ford fiesta engine

This is where you check the Focus’s brake fluid.


The ford focus 1.5 tdci has the brake fluid located at the rear drivers side of the vehicle,checking the brake fluid level is simple, just look at the minimum and maximum marks at the side of the container, the brake fluid should be between the 2 marks.




Engine Coolant Level


Coolant container location in Ford Fiesta engine compartment

Ford FocusCoolant

Situated just in front of the brake fluid is the engines coolant, this is the biggest bottle under the hood, again just look to see if the level is between the minimum and maximum marks.

This coolant will expand when hot, so don’t be surprised if it is a little bit over the maximum markings. However if the level is below the minimum, then this could indicate a leak in your cooling system, which you should have checked out by a qualified mechanic.



Engine Oil Level

Dipstick location in the engine compartment of a Ford Fiesta

Check ford focus  oil levels with this Dipstick

Use the dipstick which is located near the middle of the engine, remove the stick and wipe it clean. Replace and remove again and ensure that the oil is between the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick.




Screen Wash

Screenwash bottle in engine compartment of Ford Fiesta

Top up screenwash on a Focus here.


Situated at the front of the engine is the screenwash, there are no markings on this bottle, just open the cap to look inside to check the level.During the colder winter months use a screenwash additive to prevent it freezing up.