Hyundai i20 engine diagram for show me tell me driving test questions


Engine Oil Level

Dipstick location on hyundai i20

Check Hyundai oil level using this dipstick.

Use this dipstick to check the level of  the engine’s oil, make sure that the vehicle is on level ground, before removing the dipstick. wipe the dipstick with a rag and replace it, then take it out and look to see that the engine oil level is between the two notches on the dipstick. Engine oil levels should be checked at least once a week.



Radiator Coolant Level

Hyundai 120 Coolant location

Hyundai radiator cap.

The Hyundai’s Engine coolant filler cap is located at the front of the engine, you do not need to remove this for the driving test show me tell me questions, to check the level just look behind the radiator and there are some minimum and maximum markings there, although they are a bit difficult to see.  Should the coolant need topping up, then make certain that the engine is cool before removing the filler cap.



Screenwash Level

Screenwash filler on hyundai i20 driving school car

Fill up your washer bottle here.


To check the level of your screenwash, simply remove the blue cap from the washer bottle and look inside to check that it is full. Remember that it is a legal requirement to have a fully operating windscreen washer.

Brake fluid Level

Hyundai Brake Fluid Location

This is the brake fluid bottle.


The brake fluid reservoir is located at the rear left side of the engine compartment. To check the level look at the side of the container for the minimum and maximum markings, the brake fluid should be somewhere between the two.